"Altamesa Maps Lone Star Existentialism on Sophomore Stunner Idol Frontier" - The Austin Chronicle

Idol Frontier Album Review - The Austin Chronicle

The Long Ride Home Album Review - The Austin Chronicle

“Imagine Bruce Springsteen's desolate cult classic Nebraska sung by a godforsaken Tom Petty with Keith Richards on guitar…. Without asking, Idol Frontier raises big questions about what we strive for and how we reach it.” — Kevin Curtin, The Austin Chronicle

"...And when he sings, he sounds like Tom Petty caught in the desolation of a Cormac McCarthy novel. " — Kevin Curtin, The Austin Chronicle. 


“Altamesa's sophomore full-length arrives as a revelation fulfilled…a mythos of the modern frontier….” — Doug Freeman, in his 4-star review of Idol Frontier for The Austin Chronicle


“[Idol Frontier] attests to two things: 1) Altamesa is one of the better roots/country-Americana outfits in town, if you can classify them as that; and 2) Much to their credit, they don’t really sound like anybody else.” — Peter Blackstock, Austin American-Statesman


“…an impressionistic writer whose pen drips with chilling abstractions.” — Kevin Curtin, The Austin Chronicle


"...blew the doors off the Austin Music Awards....The 10-track effort packs existential introspection and heartbreak into cool Americana, fingerpicked folk, and piano ballads in a way that recalls Ryan Adams with hints of Neil Young.” — Kevin Curtin, The Austin Chronicle


"[Charles] immerses himself in folk and Americana as if he and...Altamesa were born to it.... Just as Neil Young ditched the gaudy rock of Crosby, Stills & Nash for the rural gold of Harvest, Charles' Long Ride Home benches rock & roll for a truly memorable troubadour moment." --Alejandra Ramirez, in her 4-star review of The Long Ride Home for The Austin Chronicle


"Charles has the kind of talent that effortlessly crosses boundaries...." -- Laurie Gallardo, KUTX 98.9

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